Vendor Success Checklist

Our primary goal is your expo success.

From past events, our vendors know that our primary goal is your expo success. We will do whatever we can to make you succeed at our event(s). It truly makes what we are doing most worthwhile to us when your business does well. 

These may sound like we are stating the obvious, but you would be surprised at how many booth staffers I have seen looking bored, tired, and generally unapproachable. You must look alert, helpful and interested, so the booth visitor will feel comfortable approaching you.

Expos are very hard work. You spend long hours on your feet, waiting for opportunities to speak with customers and being "on". 

Don't sit. Any chairs in the booth are usually for client meetings or booth visitors to take a quick rest. Sitting makes you look bored and tired, which you may very well be, but you don't want your customers to think so. If you need to take a break, do so.
Greet customers at the edge of the table rather than in the center of the table. This helps you draw them into your space. If you can engage them in a conversation, you stand a better chance of getting them to stop and learn about your product. If you sit behind your table, people may not be motivated to speak with you.
Watch you body language. Folding your arms in front of you is a "closed" body position that appears to say to the customer, "don't bother me". Leaning on counters should be avoided too, as it makes you look bored or tired. Stand up straight, look your customer in the eye, and keep your arms relaxed and SMILE!     

How many can you do?  

  • Giveaways  
  • Contest 
  • Questionnaire  
  • Lighting/Plants/Rugs/Chairs  
  • Tablecloth with logo, business name, location(s), contact information. 
  • Water/Fruit/Tea/Healthy snacks  
  • An Expo MUST! You need a great display to effectively illustrate what you do: click the “Need a Display?” tab for more information.
  • Interactive games, tools, or models  ¨ Social media promotion pre-event, during and post event.  
  • Lecture, demonstration, and/or performance.  
  • Old patient or client reactivation strategy for expo  Social Media Participation:  
  • Schedule people at the expo for an appointment. Gather as much information about your prospect as possible. Chances are they will know others that could use your services or products. 

Like the Health and Wellness Expos USA page on Facebook. Thereafter, you share announcements of your participation at the expo with your FB friends and/or followers. Have you done this yet?   

Remember, just because there may be thousands of people walking through that doesn't mean that they are lined up at your table. You must execute a strong "expo strategy" to attract attendees and be prepared to engage with them in order to gain new customers.