Frequently asked questions

What is the typical daily attendance?

Historically, attendance is approximately 25,000 up to 100,000 per day.  Mall store employees and general mall foot traffic are the main source of attendees of our Expos.

Why the mall for an Expo?

Malls still provide the greatest crowds for promotion of your business.  We rely on advertising from our marketing partners, mall marketing departments, and social media to promote our Expos. Still, the greatest amount of people that attend are general mall foot traffic.

Is your participation fee fair and competitive?

Yes, we challenge you to find a larger crowd at a lower price for two or more days. This is a great value. 

Can I sell items?

Yes, at most venues. Please check with us.

Can I use my own tablecloth?

Yes, but it must reach the floor around the entire table. 

What do you provide vendors?

We provide one 6-foot table and two chairs. 

Do you have electricity?

Yes,  but some venues have limited access to electricity. Unlike other event companies, we do NOT charge an extra fee for electricity. 

Can I have a display? If so, what size?

Yes. Generally, vendors may have a custom tablecloth, retractable banner(s) and/or a backdrop. All venues allow tablecloths and retractable banners. Each venue varies with the size of the backdrop allowed. Please contact us for details on a particular venue. 

How big is the vendor space?

Generally, you given a 8’x 8’ space.  Sometimes spaces are larger or smaller. Talk to us about your space requirements. Sponsors are given a double space. 

Do you offer refunds?

Our number one goal at our Expos is for every vendor to be successful. We do not offer refunds to our participating vendors, however.