Expo Sponsors

We welcome you and thank you for considering sponsorship of this year's Health and Wellness Expos.

In 2017, we will be holding multple events in Bucks County Pennsylvania, Mercer County New Jersey, Camden County New Jersey, and Middlesex County, New Jersey Health and Wellness Expos at the Oxford Valley Mall, Quaker Bridge Mall, Cherry Hill Mall, and Woodbridge Center, respectively.  These exceptional community outreach events are evenly spaced in occurring between April and December.  This means dissemination of literature, face to face meetings, advertising promotion of your business in several sources of media as well as many other benefits, and scheduling of many new patients/clients..... through the year.
Dates for these events are based on an analysis of the times of highest foot traffic at these malls.
Our goal is to provide sponsors with great value and high return on investment for their marketing expenditure.  As well as the many benefits listed below that you would receive as a sponsor, we welcome any suggestion that you might have for us to aid your success as a sponsor.

Sponsor Benefits:

1.)  We will offer all  groups associated with your institution right of first refusal to attend these very successful client/patient generating events as a vendor.  In the past, physicians and other vendors have, on average, gained between 10 to 20+ (up to 70) new patients/clients at the expo.

2.)  Average of 50,000 visits to the Mall websites per month noting your institution as sponsor for the 2017 Health and Wellness Expo of your county.

3.)  Press release made to all local media outlets including papers and net news media sources.

4.)  Email-blast will be made to 20,000+ people noting you as sponsor of the 2017 Health and Wellness Expo of your county.

5.)  Our marketing materials will be displayed in the mall during the expo, noting you as the sponsor.

6.)  Extensive social media promotion will occur noting you as a sponsor. (including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) PLUS AN EXPO INDUSTRY FIRST; PERSONALIZED MARKETING TARGETED AT THE POPULATIONS, GROUPS, OR CONDITIONS THROUGH OUR MARKETING PARTNER, NJ.COM. For details, contact Roger at healthandwellnessexpos2017@gmail.com

7.)  Flyers will be distributed in the mall customer service areas prior to and during the expo, noting you as the sponsor.

8.)  Calendar of events sections in local  media sources will list you as the expo sponsor.

9.)  Your institution will be given the most prime location in the mall for interaction with the public and promotion of services.

10.)  You will be given 2 booth spaces, 2 tables, 4 chairs plus an electrical outlet.

11.)  Your literature/offers will be given to all employees of the mall.

12.)  Free inclusion as vendor at the October Breast Cancer Awareness event at Quaker Bridge Mall.  This inspirational event celebrates the strength, beauty, and spirit of breast cancer survivors, and the courage and compassion of their support network. Breast cancer survivors, along with their family members, supporters, doctors, and nurses, will model stunning fall fashions from local retailers including Gap Princeton Marketfair, Lord & Taylor of Quakerbridge Mall, Palm Place “A Lily Puliter Signature Store” and KiKi D’s at Quaker Bridge Mall.

13.)  Your institution will be displayed as the 2017 Health and Wellness Expo Sponsor on the Mall's social media outlets the week prior to the expo and during the expo.

14.)  It will be required for all participating vendors to have your chosen literature/offer on their table to hand out along with their own literature/offer. 

15.) We are the ONLY Expo that will media blast your offer up to ONE MONTH post expo.