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Why should you meet someone
face to face? 
Despite our increasingly digital world -- or maybe because of it -- the power of
in-person interactions is now more valuable than ever.  Sure, social media, email, video chat and other forms of electronic communication are great for meeting new people , communicating across distances, and maintaining connections, but it's
those face-to-face meetings that foster trust and lead to solid, long term relatioinships and partnerships...some of the most important factors to growing any business.  In fact, a survey done by email marketer Constant Contact revealed that 48 percent of its respondents believe that
a face to face meeting is the most
effective driver of business
(topping websites and email marketing).
You have practiced or taught for some time now.  It has been your world. 
Day in and day out you have created routines, cared for certain conditions, taught folks how to do something, and you know how to help them and their life. 
Now, let the people know. 
Be excited, be professional!  Answer their question, let them know that you have helped someone, and in fact, many people like them.  You have positively changed many lives.  Let them see
the value of what you can
do for them.  
Sadly or happily, depending on your
view on the topic, Ringling Bros. And Barnum & Bailey Circus will shut down after 146 years of performing.One truth that will persist from Mr. P.T. Barnum is the saying that “nothing draws a crowd like a crowd”.  This truth existed 146 years ago and still does today.  We want you to draw a crowd………to your business. 
We want you to generate excitement by allowing people to see what you do professionally everyday to enrich their lives.  Please contact us about any idea that you have for performing at the upcoming health and wellness expos. 
We love the excitement and seek vendors that want to display
their talents.

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Vendor Testimonials

"In my 26 years of private practice, I have not found a better way to meet new patients to further my passion as a healer than the health and wellness expo."
Brian L. Matson D.C. --- Matson Chiropractic Center --- Hamilton and Trenton, New Jersey​​

"I met many people at my last expo. My office did really well. I would highly recommend participation at any similar upcoming Health and Wellness Expo."
Nevolia Ogletree , EdS., LMFT ---

"My office gained 16 new patients from our office’s participation in the last health fair event. I could not gain this number of new patients any other way."

Dr. Russel Fleischmann --- Pennington, New Jersey

"Our Participation in past Mercer County Health and Wellness Expos were an all around positive experience. Our practice received great exposure and we were able to secure many new patients during the weekend. We look forward to being part of this event in the future." Dr. Charles Stueber, Dac, Lac, CA, DA - Hamilton-West Windsor Acupuncture - Hamilton, New Jersey

"I cleaned up at the Bucks County Health and Wellness Expo, and I'm not talking about cleaning...can't wait for the next one!" Dominic Roselli --- Dr. Clean Janitorial Service --- Feasterville, Pennsylvania

Just a few thoughts……

Meet and greet.  Don’t be afraid to meet and speak with people.  You are potentially saving someone from a serious health issue or making someone healthier --- whether you are a physician or a fitness trainer or dance professional.  This is noble.  Be proud and happy, not shy.  Be excited.

Give people something from your office.  Something to keep, to use, to make them come to you when they need your service.

Attempt to schedule people for appointments at the expo.  This is the ultimate goal.   Attract them with your booth, talk to them and let them know you can help them, and most importantly
SCHEDULE THEM for an appointment.

10 Trade Show DONT'S

Don't let your customers wait.

Don't prejudge visitors by their appearance.

Don't allow your staff make a mess eating at your exhibit.

Make sure your sales people listen to your visitors.
Don't tolerate unprofessional appearance. Salespeople who stand with their hands in their pockets, jingling change, rocking back and forth, won't enhance your company's image.

Make sure your visitors don't stay too long in your booth; it wastes their time and yours.

Don't allow excessive touching like a pat on the back.

Make sure that nobody is smoking or chewing gum.

10 Trade Show DO'S

Make sure that staff gets plenty of rest, plenty of water.

Pre-market before the big day. Make sure your biggest fans know you'll be there.   i.e.  a poster in the office.  An announcement in your patient newsletter. “Come visit us at……”.

Have a follow-up plan in place. You'll need to know exactly how you plan to follow up before the day of the trade show.

Make sure your salespeople know a hot lead when they see one. Every lead has potential. But some leads are bound to pay off more than others.

Tell the media you're there. The media can make a big difference in your booth's attendance.

Be sure your staff are well trained and prepared. Your sales staff should be highly trained and highly competent.

Give your staff a reason to work hard. If your salespeople have incentives, they're likely to work harder to promote your business or product.
Measure your results and monitor what worked. If you want to make sure you're getting a good return on your investment, you'll need to monitor the results of your appearance carefully.

Anticipate questions and responses.

Know your role and responsibility.

Present enough information to stimulate post show appointments.

Disengage your professionals from unqualified prospects.

Stand and face out to engage prospects.

Maintain good eye contact.

Be assertive not aggressive.

Be professional at all times.

Have professional banners.

Go high tech with testing or education.


Over 80% of prospects who are ready, willing and able to buy will not wait more than one minute for assistance. Today's customers are smarter and better informed. Over 76% of visitors attend shows to discuss specific needs; and not just to see "what is new."  Understand a patient or person’s problem or desire by truly listening and address that need if you can.

From past events, our vendors know that our primary goal is your expo success. We will do whatever we can to help you succeed at our event(s). It truly makes what we are doing most worthwhile to us when your business does well.

These may sound like we are stating the obvious, but you would be surprised at how many booth staffers we have seen looking bored, tired, and generally unapproachable. You should look alert, helpful and interested, so the booth visitor will feel comfortable approaching you.

Expos are very hard work. You spend long hours on your feet, waiting for opportunities to speak with customers and being "on". With good preparation and a professional looking display, you will make contact with dozens of leads during your expo.

Greet customers at the edge of the table rather than from behind the table. This helps you draw them into your space. If you can engage them in a conversation, you stand a better chance of getting them to stop and learn about your product. If you sit behind your table, people may not be motivated to speak with you.

Watch your body language. Folding your arms in front of you is a "closed" body position that appears to say to the customer, "don't bother me". Leaning on counters should be avoided too, as it makes you look bored or tired. Stand up straight, look your customer in the eye, and keep your arms relaxed and SMILE!

Your display. Professional looking banners and displays are the most efficient and cost-effective form of advertisement to get brand exposure and attract customers to your booth space.

How many can you do?

  • Raffle baskets & Giveaways
  • Contests
  • Questionnaire
  • Lighting/Plants/Rugs/Chairs
  • Tablecloth with logo, business name, location(s), contact information.
  • Water/Fruit/Tea/Healthy snacks
  • An Expo MUST! You need a great display to effectively illustrate what you do.
  • Interactive games, tools, or models ¨
  • Social media promotion pre-event, during and post event.
  • Lecture, demonstration, and/or performance.
  • Old patient or client reactivation strategy for expo 
  • Social Media Participation:

Schedule people at the expo for an appointment. Gather as much information about your prospect as possible. Chances are they will know others that could use your services or products.
Like the Health and Wellness Expos USA page on Facebook. Thereafter, you share announcements of your participation at the expo with your FB friends and/or followers. Have you done this yet?

Remember, just because there may be thousands of people walking through that doesn't mean that they are lined up at your table. You must execute a strong "expo strategy" to attract attendees and be prepared to engage with them in order to gain new customers.


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